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France, tour destination which never ending. So many famous tour destinations in this country. If yesterday we discuss about Versailles Palace, this time will discuss about old building that looks so wonderful, that is Mont Saint Michel Castle. Mont Saint Michel Castle itself is an old church which located in Normandia, France. Nowadays Mont St. Michel become one of tourists main destination when they are visiting France. The building that located in the middle of coral island in estuary of Couesnon river has become one of world heritage UNESCO. Amount of visitor Mont St. Michel reach up to 3,5 million every year.

If you want to go to Mont Saint Michel Castle, it needs 3 until 4 hours from Prancis. Historically, Mont Saint Michel is the first monastik building in 8 century. Coral island become monastery step which has castle shape named Mont Tombe. When you will explore Mont Saint Michel, you will be greeted by stony road called Cour de l'avancee which slope and Bevole gate become our gate trip.
In your trip to go to the top of coral island or which known by The Abbey, you will see line of souvenir seller. But you have to be patient because there are about 900 stair steps to reach top. The novelty from Mont Saint Michel can we look when high tide. That castle will be seen very wonderful like arise in the middle of the sea. That makes the tourists know Mont St. Michel as Merveille de l’occident, that has a meaning “the miracle from west”.
Mont Saint Michel France
In Mont Saint Michel, there is Saint Pierre church. If you do not pray, you are allowed to enter, only if you can keep regulation such as not talking or take a picture with flash. View in the church also looks impress. Dome of the high church at the top with mirror row in every side. The sun penetrates and shines softly incense smoke which go up. Church which located on the top of coral island actually creates beautiful.

If you explore rooms in monastery, you will find places ex jail. This situation happens at the France revolution, the monastery prestige was humilitiated become jail. The monastery of the top of coral hill which built in the 8 century ago was struggled, on of the provocateur is a Victor Hugo, a man of letters politician was honourable in France. The struggle for more 30 years, in 1863 the jail was closed and in 1874, Mont Saint-Michel was declared as France historical monument.
Mont Saint Michel
 If you do not want bothered when you are visting Mont St-Michel, you can try visit official tour which can check in website: Below the location data of Mont St-Michel:
Name : Mont St-Michel
Location : Normandia, france
Category: monastery and monastery; Castles and Palace: World Heritage Site
Architecture: Romawi
Patron(s): St Aubert
Feature: spectaculer landscape
Visitor information
Coordinate: 48.635986 ° N, 1.511425 ° B (look at Google Maps)
Inn: hotel, camping ground, etc.

Call: 02-33-89-80-00

Open hours: May- August: Everyday 9:00-07:00
September-April: 9:30-18:00
Cost: € 8,50; 12,50 € with audio guide

Official tour: Tour in French starts with interval 30 until 45 minutes depend on the season. Usually there are 2-4 tours in English language everyday, depend on the season.

Are you interesting to visit Mont St-Michel? Don’t forget to visit other destination in france, such as Palace of Versailles, Pont du Gard dan Musee de Louvre. Happy holiday and don’t forget to give your comment about that tour destinantion in commentary column.
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