Carcassonne, Wonderful Castle in South France

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Many tour destinatons in France which we have discussed in here. But, there is one tour destination which has fascination like we have discussed with when you go to the South France, you will find one of famous city named Toulouse. In southwest from Toulouse city, there is strong castle dan looks so beautiful. That castle is Carcassonne,  in French is called Ch√Ęteau et remparts de Carcassonne. Carcassonne is a building which exists about XI- XIII century. Carcassonne castle is interesting like Mont Saint Michel, because it has listed in world heritage in UNESCO.
Carcassonne France
The location of Carcassonne on the top of the hill where air is cold with gentle wind and sun bright. From far away, Carcassonne castle looks very strong and sturdy with architecture which told the story at the same time, so that this castle always become as background for making film which has theme Romawi or the past. Entering Carcassonne castle, you will be welcomed with wide yard complete with big trees. Purposely seat is prepared under it which is very suitable to relax and take a rest while enjoying the view.

In the Carcassonne, there are some building, such as chatolic church, also museum. When you explore into the castle, obviously more crowded with buildings which show small city. There is hotel, cafe, shop which sell various souvenir such as replica like armor suit. Walking around the castle and Carcassonne castle with all uniqueness of old city which gone around with beautiful view on the top of the hill, blue sky, clear air feel bring us to the past and also feel the present with hotel, cafe and shop that is designed to attract the visitor.
Is it beautiful, isn’t it? We know you must be want to visit that place. Prepare your holiday ticket to visit Carcassonne castle. Don’t forget to visit other tour destination in france, such as Versailles Palace, Pont du Gard and Mont Saint Michel. Happy holiday and don’t forget to give your opinion about tour destination in commentary column. Enjoy Your Tour, Explore the Word and Happy Traveling.

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