Palace Of Versailles, Beautiful Place in France

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Versailles Palace
Discussing about tour destination in France is never completely finish. So many interesting tour destination which can be visited. Like we discussed before, there is Pont du Gard, Musee de Louvre and also Arena de Nimes. Now, will discuss about Palace of Versailles.France is a beautiful and romantic place. So many tourists who come to the france to enjoy the gloriousness which shows by France, one of the gloriousness from Palace of Versailles. This Palace should visit if you have plan to go to France, because this place is one of important tour icon in France.

Versailles itself is a name of small city in France, about 18km from Southwest of France. Palace of Versailles become the main attraction in this city. More than 10 milllion tourists from entire world who come to the France always enable to visit to this historical site which was inaugurated by Unesco as one of “World Heritage Site” in 1979.
Palace of Versailles
Palace of Versailles is one of famous tour destination in france, so many things which can be seen there, from the awesome architecture with extraordinary furniture, art, antique and definitely luxurious garden. Many years ago Palace of Versailles is just a place for king and entourge for having a rest after hunting. Nevertheless in 1661, exactly when throne increment King Louis XIV, Palace of Versailles was utilized official residence King of France.

This luxurious palace needed time building for 40 years. There was a sad story behind building this palace. Bulding cost which mostly got from extorted and multiplied publix tax. This situation finally started France revolution in 1789 and changed France from absolute monarchy to the republic.When you are entering Versailles Palace, you will be amazed see beautifulness and gloriousness of the building. Including the decoration, carve, art painting, until the garden.
Palace of VersaillesTravelrin
You can ride train to visit Palace of Versailles. Because almost all of the tour object in France can be accessed by train. It is very recommended yo can come early for enjoying beautifulness of Versailles Palace, because before enter that palace you must be entering waiting line to buy a ticket in front of Ch√Ęteau de Versailles gate. If you do not want to bothered for having lunch, you can bring foodstuff to eat when you stand in line. Therefore so many waiting lines, sometimes can expend time up to 2 hours.

Ticket price to enter Palace of Versailles is different, from 18 euro up to 25 euro depend on how many destinations which will visit. Children under 18 years old is FREE.  It is great, isn’t it? Free for visiting palace and the exhibition, for the other place like garden with water fountain, you have to pay but not so expensive.

How is it? Are you interesting to visit Palace of Versailles? Don’t forget to visit Eiffel, and Arena de Nimes. Enjoy your Tour, Explore the World, and Happy Traveling.

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