Musee Du Louvre, The World's Largest Museum

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 Musee Du Louvre Paris
Nowadays many people consider the Eiffel Tower as the best tourist attractions in Paris, France. The monument consists of a iron frame is finished in 1889 based on design of engineer Gustave Eiffel, and is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Read more about Eiffel here. But aside from the Eiffel Tower, there are still many places in Paris that also worth it to visit. Curious?, ok please listen reviews from
Musee du Louvre, the world's largest museum from Paris. Musee du Louvre was built in the middle ages who complete 100 year journey of French history. However, sculpture and artifacts in the Musee du Louvre includes more than 2000 years of history. Musee de Louvre itself was built because the Palace of Louvre lost prestige with the Eiffel Tower.
Musee Louvre
There are around 300,000 art at the Musee de Louvre. The gate on Glass Pyramid Building when you want to enter the museum. The idea of a glass pyramid of Jacques Chirac embodied in 1981 draft of the American architect named I.M. Pei. Under the complex Musee de Louvre, there is a shopping area and convention area.

The door named Sully and Denon will bring tourists to the paintings part. This is where the accumulated hundreds of paintings. The size of the painting "one home" up-sized two-page picture book. The largest collection, the set of paintings from the school of fine arts, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.In addition, the Louvre has also become a giant Gallery of masterpiece paintings, for example, J.L. David titled Potrait of Madame Racamier and painting of Monalisa and The Virgin of the Rock by Leonardo da Vinci.
Musee Du Louvre France
Entrance of the pyramid of glass, You will be brought down using the elevator, traveling under the pyramid. Then enter the hallway towards to the top of the Musee du Louvre are located. Tourist attraction here is enormous. As many as 30 thousand tourists a day. If you claim to art lovers, you must come to the Musee de Louvre. From Paris you can also visit the Arena de Nîmes is a 3 hour train ride. Enjoy your vacation in France, don't forget to share your experiences in the comments box. Happy Traveling.

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