Jeju Island, a Small Paradise in Korea

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Beauty Jeju Island
Did you know that in South Korea, there is an island off the coast of a very famous? Yes, the island of jeju, I think a lot of our readers have often heard about this island. Jeju island itself is often referred to as cheju. The island is located in the southern part of South Korea has become one of the important icon in South Korea's tourism destinations.

Jeju Island is becoming a haven for their spouses who were honeymooning. There is a service of the international airport on the Jeju island. There are regular flights from various regions of Japan, Shanghai as well as the main island of South Korea. Jeju Island itself is located off the coast of the main island of South Korea. Sub-tropical climate in Jeju Island has made one of its own uniqueness compared to other tourist spots in Korea. Often, the snow in the winter also fell in the northern part of the beautiful island
waterfall jeju island

Jeju Island is certainly not as you might think. Although it is located off the coast of the main island of Korea. The island also has many places of interest. What are the interesting places? In Jeju, you can find interesting places such as temples, museums, restaurants, shopping venues, places for traveling and enjoying adventures, and other areas that are unexplored. sub-tropical climate make air on Jeju Island feels very pleasant and there's not extreme.

Pamper yourself, that's the service that offered by the island, ranging from beautiful beaches, waterfalls, high peak. Replete with the scenery a very wonderful. If you're a fan of adventure and roam the mountains. You could try to cross tracking. Quite a lot of places that you can make a route to explore the island's peak. The fresh air will make you excited and spoil your adventure trip. If you are in the Halla-San (the highest mountain peak in South Korea), you can see beautiful scenery was magnificent as the Sunrise and Sunset

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Still remember with some interesting places we mentioned earlier? One of them is the restaurant. For you who like culinary, restaurant in Jeju Island will force you to longer there. The experience of your travelling will be fully equipped with the presence of special menus and delicious from the premises. Fusion cuisine of Korea – Japan and Korea – China on this island have produced dishes with new flavors that will arouse your taste buds whenever you give it a try.

That's a very special reviews of Jeju Island. Whenever you come to South Korea, the fear in Jeju Island will be waiting for you. If you like cultural tours you can also try visiting Jeonju Hanok Village (read more about Jeonju Hanok Village).Happy Travelling

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