Hallasan, Beautiful Mountain Korea

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If yesterday we have discussed about the beauty of travel site in Jeonju Hanok Village and the Jeju Island. Now Travelrin.com will discuss one points of interest that are not less interesting in Korea. Hallasan, a beautiful mountain panorama of the beauty in Korea. Mount Hallasan is situated at an altitude of 1,950 metres above sea level. Therefore, Hallasan got title as the highest mountain in Korea. The beautiful atmosphere of the crop that thrives to make air on Hallasan feels very fresh.

On October 12, 1996, Mount Hallasan has been designated as one of the Natural occasion to Korea by the name of Hallasan Mountain Natural Conservation Area. There is a unique view of Hallasan in hundreds of oreums. Oreum is a designation for the parasitic cone volcanoes. Hallasan itself currently has more than 360 oreums. The spectacular Landscape with beautiful natural scenery. Can you imagine the mountains change colour? It seems unlikely. But that could happen on Hallasan. In contrast to Mount Bromo in Indonesia with a puff of smoke we discussed yesterday, Mount Hallasan thus may change color according to the plant that thrives around the mountain.
Hallasan is currently has been established as a national park of Korea. In addition, Hallasan also has areas that are defined as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. The Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes finally designated as Korea's First UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. With a multitude of recognition from the UNESCO, certainly you've been no more doubtful as to the beauty of this popular tour.

If you would like to visit Mt. Hallasan, you can depart towards the Complex Hallasan National Park located at 555, Route 1100, Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea. You can access this using the address bus from Jeju Inter-city Bus Terminal, just adjust the location of your existence. The journey is going to take 50 to 60 minutes.
Come to the Mt. Hallasan. You can also enjoy other beauty of Jeju Island in South Korea. Happy Traveling.

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