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Confused looking for ideas to spend your vacation? Camping is a great idea. You can feel the fresh air in the open. Forget for a moment the work in the Office, and see the natural landscape that rarely you see. Enjoy an evening outdoors can be a pleasant experience. If you are interested in camping with friends or your family, read the first few tips and preparation you should know before going to camp.

1. Go Early.
Of course you can already imagine the activities that will be carried out during camp. Starting from searching for a suitable place to set up the tent. It will definitely be very time consuming. By arriving early, you can become more aware of the environment around the camp, and make it easy to find a safe place to set up the tent. Imagine if you arrive at night, You will have trouble finding a place to set up the tent.

2. Bring Enough Stock.
Camping is about your workout to live independently. Prepare enough stock for a few days. In addition to bringing food, there are still some thing to take. First, you have to take medications for first aid. Next you should also bring a tool to repel insects. It is highly recommended you don't bring chemicals to repel insects, because you just simply carry the salts that you can take from the kitchen in your house. According to some info from explorers, salt was able to repel insects.
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3. Prepare the Campfire
Campfire seems to be a very popular icon among explorers. Of course, the campers are also less complete without a campfire. When you set out early and finished setting up the tent, using the rest of your time searching for pieces of wood. Or you can also prepare a wood campfire material from home. Would be very nice to enjoy a night in a tent equipped with a campfire, Camping with your partner, will definitely feel very romantic. But don't forget, you have to estimate about security. Don't let the fire get you in trouble.

4. Don't Stay Up
When you are camping, do not let you spend the night staying up. Save your energy for exploring place around the camp in the morning. Avoid bringing alcohol, because it will disrupt your holiday. In addition, sleep too late can make environment around your tent disrupted, it gets worse can also disturb night animal. Don't let that happen.
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Enjoy your night in the tent. Remember, camp is a way to get closer to nature, not let you precisely have a trouble with nature. You must to know about tips to enjoy your holiday (read more tips to enjoy your tour). Happy Camping...!!!

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