Bromo, See the Sunrise From Indonesia

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Mount Bromo is a very interesting tourist attractions, very pretty and worth it to visit. If the weather in a good condition, you will certainly be very happy to see the beauty of the Sunrise and the panorama of Mount Bromo, if you were on top of Mount Bromo you can see Mount Semeru is very clear. In addition, you can also see the mount semeru will erupt every 15-20 minutes once, a puff of white smoke will keep you spellbound.

If you are interested in visiting there, we have some tips for you. So that you can travel safely and comfortably.
1. Try to visit Bromo not in the rainy season,

Because you'll have a problem there, eg slippery roads when climbing, and somewhat difficult to bring an umbrella when you ride horses, in addition to that you will lose your best moments to be able see the sun rise in the morning.

2. Prepare a Thick Sweater/Jacket

When you visit Bromo, suggested bringing a thick jacket, gloves, socks and a hat or even a mask that covers the face, because the air is very cold with temperature peaks of up to 5 Celsius, sometimes even below 0 Celsius. But you do not worry, because there are many sellers that price is quite affordable sweaters.

3. See the Sunrise from Bromo

Private cars were barred from entering, and need to replace with a jeep that had been provided by the bromo tourist and you can rent at the entrance to the post with the cost of rent IDR 750 (+-USD $ 60) to 4 places (in peak season). you will see sunrise from Bromo before 5 am, so it must be midnight in at around 03.00 a.m., you must depart from the hotel to the Jeep rental.

Bromo Cloud

4. rent a horse at the foot of Mount Bromo
Rent a horse mount Bromo ranged from IDR 75 - IDR100 (+-$ 9 USD) for the holiday season, but really you can get bargain price by doing an offer
5. hotel in the mount Bromo

If you want a cheap hotel or promo price that you can find the hotel at Bromo Tour that has been provided. Or you can also stay overnight in the city of Malang.

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