Arenes de Nîmes, Colloseum from France

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Arenes de Nîmes
Nîmes is one of capital city in France.  î is the identity of this beautiful city. Here will discuss about the Arena de Nîmes, one of the interesting tourist destination that worth it to visit. Now Arenas de Nîmes became one of the top tourist destination in France. City of Nîmes itself is a city with a wide range of cultural history. Roman, Spain, Provençal, the influence of Protestant religions, as well as a good vintage with modern cultural relics. City of Nîmes is located on the site of Domitian, where is the path of Hercules from Rome to Spain in search of a valuable mine of goods.
From Montpellier to Nîmes takes 35 minutes by private vehicle, for trains from Avignon and Montpellier approximately 30 minutes. Whereas if we could from Paris using the TGV fast train with a time of 3 hours.
If you choose to come to use the train, you can walk about 15 minutes to find the information Office for tourists. Office of the Information has been great. We can get the necessary information. Start of tour destinations, lodging and places to eat. For those interested to stay overnight at Nîmes you can choose lodging that offers tourist packages with prices starting at € 81 euros.
Arena de Nîmes
There is no harm if you choose overnight stay in Nîmes, because not far from Nîmes is a Pont du Gard, one of the tourist destination that are worth it for visiting and have obtained the title of UNESCO heritage. Back to the discussion we are, what we can visit in Nîmes?. Of course Arena de Nîmes is the answer. Arena de Nîmes is an Arena for gladiators and that is Roman relics. The building was constructed around the year 60 BC is still intact until this time. The price of admission to the Arena de Nîmes is € 7, 8.
A large circular building that resembles the Colloseum, formerly used as a place to compete for the Gladiators. Became a stronghold, in 1863 eventually became venues as well as Buffalo fighting with the matador. This makes Nîmes famous about féria (party Buffalo fighting). If you are interested to see the féria, you could come at the end of the month of May.
Arena de Nîmes Travelrin
If you are interested in coming to the Arena de Nîmes, don't forget to also visit to the Pont du Gard and the Musee du Louvre. Enjoy your Tour, Explore the World and Happy Traveling.

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